150 மணி நேரம் பாடும் | Best Premium Earbuds on Amazon 2021 | Top 10 Tamil

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    150 மணி நேரம் பாடும் | Best Premium Earbuds on Amazon 2021 | Top 10 Tamil
    Buy Link -- www.boat-lifestyle.com/products/airdopes-621
    In this video we see about Best and Premium Earbuds on Amazon 2021,this is very quality earbud has high quality music and bass effect also get 150 hours play back time..
    Get ready to get awed by the sheer presence of these amazing true wireless earbuds, boAt Airdopes 621. It offers a mountainous playback time of up to 150+ hours with the case, including up to 5.5 hours of playtime per charge. Due to the presence of the 2600mAh humongous case capacity, it can also function as a Powerbank in times of emergency. The carry cum charge case even comes equipped with Digital Battery indicator. It comes with IWP™ technology and Bluetooth v5.0 for instant connectivity. The IPX7 marked water and sweat resistant build lets you carry your sound across terrains. The unbeatable boAt signature sound shines through by offering an immersive experience via the 6mm drivers. The earbuds have been crafted ergonomically with a Never-Drop design that keeps the earbuds securely in place whenever in use. Its smooth touch controls lets one command playback, hands-free and activate voice assistant with ease.
    Battery: Airdopes 621 offers a playback time of up to 5.5 hours in earbuds & 150 hours in charging case and earbuds get charged to 100% in about 45 minutes
    Bluetooth: It has Bluetooth v5.0 with a range of 10m and is compatible with Android & iOS
    Driver Size: 6mm*2
    IP rating: IPX7
    ANC: NA
    No. of Mic: 1 per Earbud
    Other Inclusions: Additional Earmuffs, USB Type C Charging Cable, Warranty Card, User Manual, Catalogue, FAQ Card, Read Me Card

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