275 ரூபாய் முதல் Amazon Gadgets | 6 Unique Gadgets on Amazon Under Rs. 800/- | Top 10 Tamil

Top 10 Tamil

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    275 ரூபாய் முதல் Amazon Gadgets | 6 Unique Gadgets on Amazon Under Rs. 800/- | Top 10 Tamil
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    In this video we see about 6 Unique Gadgets on Amazon Under Rs. 800 each and every thing is very useful in your daily life also suggested by top 10 tamil.
    1 )Mini MULTIPURPOSE Tripod -275
    2)B22 Football Foldable Globe LED Bulb(prize changed)
    amzn.to/30GeGKl - 479
    3) Folding water Collapsible
    amzn.to/3qypNQ5 - 599
    4)Small Mini Portable Clip Fan/desk fan
    amzn.to/2OD09fQ - 599
    5)Portable Multifunction SpeakeR (Without Bluetooth)
    amzn.to/38rl78k - 748
    Portable Multifunction SpeakeR (With Bluetooth)
    amzn.to/2OPNhmv -1399
    6)AmazonBasics Blaze 360 degree Rechargeable LED Light
    amzn.to/2PV81Kj -749

    *Folding water Collapsible
    Package Included : 1 x Folding Water Storage & Dispenser Bottle with Tap
    Material : ABS Plastic , Capacity : 5.5 Liter , Color : Multi ( Random )
    Product Size: Open - 7.5 inches W x 10 inches H x 8.25 inches D, Closed - 7.5 inches W x 10 inches H x 4.25 inches D.
    *Rechargeable Portable Multimedia Multifunction SpeakeR
    Output power of 5W; Product Size - 12 X 8.5 X 4 cm , The portable voice amplifier comes with a wired headset microphone. Battery-Dual Battery With each 2200mAh.
    Only based on inserting a TF card/ USB disk and with a plug-in Mic, it can use as a recording device.

    *Small Mini Portable Clip Fan/desk fan
    This Fans can be used for more than just cooling, they circulate the air by keeping it in motion maintaining a fresh breeze and reducing humidity levels as well.
    In addition to the feature of 1 speeds this efficient fan can be adjusted and tilted to aim airflow exactly where you need it. This fan will quietly cool in the exact direction on the speed that you chose so you can relax with the utmost comfort.
    *B22 Football Foldable Globe LED Bulb
    LED bulb can save more than 80% energy which compared with traditional incandescent lights. The light life time will be last more than 50,000 hours, so you wont worry will replace the light frequently. Wide Voltage Range 165 to 265 VAC. 40 Watt. 6500K Cool White Light indoor bulb. Indoor bulb with B22 type widely used socket base. High brightness lamp suitable for indoor lightening.
    *AmazonBasics Blaze 360 degree Rechargeable LED Light
    AmazonBasics rechargeable LED light for usage during power failure
    84 LED lights, with adjustable brightness switch; lights provide 360 degree lighting
    Light resists heating up and lasts for 1.75 hours if used under strongest light setting and 16.5 hours if used under weak light setting
    Comes with BIS certified 2400mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with recharge time of 8 to 10 hours; USB cable provided for charging the battery.

    *Mini Desktop Phone Tripod
    Versatile: Combine phone tripod and handheld pistol grip stabilizer into 1, this mini camera tripod stand is an ideal for travel outside shoot and provide you the most practical and convenient photo shooting and video recording.
    Widely Compatible: The pistol grip tripod built-in universal 1/4-20 screw for small DSLR, like Canon EOS M Series, 200D, 600D 5D2, Sony NEX-5N, NEX-6, NEX7, NEX Series, Panasonic GH1 GH2 GF Series, Nikon, GoPro etc. It also comes with a universal clip for most of smart phone with width between 2.16~3.34 inch (5.5~8.5cm), such as iPhone Xs Max/Xs/XR/8/7 plus, Galaxy Note 10 plus/Note 10/9/8, S10/9/8/plus and more.
    best top 6 gadgets on amazon that personally suggested from top 10 tamil channel.

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