TOP 10 NEW ANDROID GAMES IN APRIL 2021 | High Graphics (Online/Offline) | Top 10 Tamil

Top 10 Tamil

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    TOP 10 NEW ANDROID GAMES IN APRIL 2021 | High Graphics (Online/Offline) | Top 10 Tamil
    In this video we see about top 10 best and new android games that really awesome in April 2020 recommended by top 10 tamil channel

    Impostor Space Horror is a game in the horror genre, where you and your team went to another planet to further colonize it, but something went wrong, waking up in your compartment, you realize that something has happened.
    If you like war games with World War setting you will definately need to play this game. Stanning graphics, exciting gameplay, lots of historic weapons and armor give you ability to plunge into the world of heroes.
    Survival: Day Zero is an armageddon-based, mutant apocalypse strategy game that includes both highly flexible RPG gameplay and real-time tactical content. The story begins with a band of survivors hidden in their shelter amid the aftermath of a viral mutant outbreak and nuclear destruction. The time for hiding is over, now is the time for survival…
    Radioactive spider bite began mutations in the man body and enabled superpowers. Spider's powers include superhuman strength, a sixth sense like "spider-sense" that alerts him to danger, perfect fighting skills, as well as superhero speed and agility.

    This version is a sequel to Alien Zone. It features over 30 brand-new levels, higher-quality graphics and shadow effects, and more exciting and lifelike combats.
    The city is completely empty. Where have all the inhabitants gone? What happened to your father?
    This is what you have to find out. Explore the city, find clues, solve puzzles, open locks to advance your investigation. The game is a mixture of escape the room and classic quests
    Enfrentate a una aventura del futuro con Max, un joven que sueña con conducir autos veloces como los que solían hacer en la década de 2021.
    Impostor Space Horror is a game in the horror genre, where you and your team went to another planet to further colonize it, but something went wrong, waking up in your compartment, you realize that something has happened.
    Jump into your tank,roll into the battle fields,fire blow away all enemies in your sights!
    World Of Steel : Tank Force takes high-energy tank combat with simple controls,deep strategy,cutting edge graphics,and makes it highly accessible to anyone with a desire to blow things up.
    Death Move: Zombie Survival is a potent genre mashup, mixing styles and challenges of a turn-based tactical game, puzzle game, stealth game, and survival. In this one man war against the impossible odds you will have to give it your best if you want to survive. The zombie horde is waiting for a single mistake and survival will require careful thought and consideration.
    mad dogs around try to escape from them ASAP, don't forget the tricks!
    After adopting these lovely dogs, live in peace with your dogs
    In this video we see about top 10 best and new android games that really awesome in April 2020 suggested by top ten tamil channel

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