25 Gram ஆனால் வேற லெவல் | Best tws earbuds under 2000 | Top 10 Tamil

Top 10 Tamil

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    25 Gram ஆனால் வேற லெவல் | Best tws earbuds under 2000 | Top 10 Tamil
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    In this video we see about best tws earbud has awesome features reviewed by top 10 tamil

    Smart TWS Earpods
    Good things come in small packages - Sleek, beautiful design, combined with excellent bass, and powerful, balanced sound. Introducing the Smartest of smartcases- packaged in an unbeatable design. Music has never looked better!
    It’s all about the Hi-Fi Bass - Equipped with composite Membrane Drivers, the earbuds deliver a wider sound range with exceptional accuracy and superior Hi-Fi Stereo Sound across the entire frequency range. Experience a whole new world of magical music.
    Redefine Comfort - We refined the details of comfort, creating an excellent class of in-ear headphones with a customizable fit that forms an exceptional experience of premium comfort. You’ll feel your music, not your headphones. Choose from 3 different bud sizes to find your perfect match.
    For the long hauls - The Wireless Charging Case extends playtime up to 27 hours, and a 6-hour playtime to keep you and your Twins 33 on the go. Get stable and fast charging with a USB-C cable- just charge for 5 minutes and enjoy 30 mins of interruption-free playtime.
    Smart Touch Control - From Siri to Google- your virtual assistant is just a touch away. Installed with high-sensitivity touch sensors, the Twins 33 detect every touch. Softly tap on the earbud to skip songs, answer/reject calls- all without picking up your phone.
    Cut out the extra Noise - Smart noise- reduction tech allows the wireless earbuds to cut ambient noise over 50dB and retains 98% of your voice with frequencies from 200Hz to 3000Hz, so you can say goodbye to extra noise. A half-in build lets you acknowledge your surroundings as you listen to your tunes- enjoy Transparency mode for hearing what’s happening around you.
    Unleash the Athlete in you - IPX4 water resistance makes them ideal for intense workouts and runs, for the enthusiast in you. Thanks to the fast pairing feature, you can also seamlessly pair the earbuds to your Bluetooth devices automatically. Flip between Mono and Twin Mode in a second
    In this video we see about best tws earbud has awesome features suggested by top ten tamil

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