யாருக்கும் தெரியாத 10 ரகசியம் | Top 10 Awesome Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS | Top 10 Tamil

Top 10 Tamil

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    யாருக்கும் தெரியாத 10 ரகசியம் | Top 10 Awesome Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS | Top 10 Tamil
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    In this Video we see about 10 Useful android tips and that really useful to your mobile in your daily life also this all tricks are recommended by top 10 tamil....
    1. Playstore Share Tricks
    Now you can share Apps and Games Directly through playstore without any app and also without internet
    2. Google Assistance Interpreter
    You can understand any language live through google assistance interpreter
    3. Gmail Login Device and Location
    This trick is to know your gmail id is login in how many devices and also ip
    4. Gmail Notification Sound
    In this trick you know to set cutom notification sound for Gmail
    5. Know your Signal Strength
    This trick is know your sim signal stength of your current loction in dbm,it good or not
    --ldplayer - Play Android games in Laptop -
    6. Google Photo and Video Strength
    Through Google photos you can send any photos and Video without loosing its quality
    7. Google Map Pin
    Now you can pin any live location dropped pin option through Gmap and share to your friends
    8. Avarage Data Usage Widget
    You can now configure the start and duration of the period, for example one week, 28 days, or even one year.
    Do you have an almost unlimited data plan and you never consume all your data? Lucky you! Unfortunately this app will be useless in this situation
    9. Home Screen Apps Lock
    You can lock your home screen apps that cannot be remove or uninstall
    10 exif.regex.info/
    This tool remains available so long as I can keep it free and the bandwidth doesn't cost me too much. A gift of
    thanks is always appreciated, but certainly not required
    In this Video we see about 10 Useful android tips and that really useful to your mobile in your daily life also this all tricks are Suggested by top ten tamil....

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